SpringShire Receives Certificate of Need Approval

SpringShire has received Certificate of Need approval from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. A Certificate of Need is required in North Carolina before health care communities can be constructed.

“This is an important step in our development process,” said David Ammons, founder of SpringShire Retirement Community.

The construction of the assisted living and skilled nursing building on the SpringShire campus required the State’s acknowledgement of the need for the facility and its financial feasibility, among a number of other factors.

SpringShire continues to share its plans and vision with future residents in the Information Center on NC-43 North and is making steady progress toward the state-mandated goal of 70% reservation deposits. Once this goal is achieved the community will be able to close on its permanent financing and begin construction.

“We are thrilled that enthusiasm is building in the community and are confident  that construction will begin within the next two years,” said Ammons.