A New Kind of Active Retirement Community for Greenville


Dr. Bob Deyton, who has been an OB-GYN Physician in Greenville for over 40 years, was so impressed with Springmoor in Raleigh, where his mother and partner, Dr. Ed Clement’s mother reside that he encouraged David Ammon to bring a community patterned after Springmoor to Greenville.

Here’s a message from Dr. Deyton, SpringShire Founders Club & SpringShire Board of Directors…

I wanted to share with you my excitement about SpringShire, a new retirement community coming to Greenville. The community is new, but you may have heard about it for some time. Marketing began in 2006, and had great success. Unfortunately, due to the recession marketing efforts were paused in 2008. Now, with the rebound in the economy, SpringShire is moving forward! And my wife, Yvonne, and I are looking forward to moving in.

SpringShire’s location is beautifully rural but just five minutes from everything we like to do in Greenville. We can’t wait to enjoy the high-quality dining services, nature trails, meeting new people and participating in the wellness programs. We’re also happy about the peace of mind and security that living in a community like SpringShire will bring.

I believe our city will welcome an active senior living community with this level of services and health care, and I am proud to be part of SpringShire’s Board of Directors along with Rev. Beth Thompson, Roger Robertson and Ernest Caraway.
Due to North Carolina statutes and financial requirements, SpringShire will need to pre-sell 70% of the residences and we are well on our way. All deposits are100% refundable and kept in secure escrow accounts—another thing Yvonne and I love about choosing SpringShire.

I hope you will learn more about SpringShire. Rarely is someone ready to move into a retirement community, and SpringShire is for those of us who delight in living independently and want to stay that way.

Bob Deyton