Our residents LOVE living in a retirement community

Retirement Living Associates, Inc. has the distinct pleasure of providing management and development services to several Life Plan communities around North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and beyond. We are proud to take care of thousands of residents and team members and have heard countless success stories of residents who have moved into our communities.

Springmoor Life Care Community in Raleigh was one of the first communities that we have worked with. The residents at Springmoor come from all over and have varied backgrounds, but one constant is that the residents absolutely adore where they live. In fact we hear it over and over again that “I should have moved sooner — why in the world did I wait so long?”

The team at RLA, Inc. is excited about bringing this level of excitement and a new lifestyle option to Greenville, NC. You may have heard us present about this around town, but in case you don’t believe us, hear from one of our Springmoor residents about why they LOVE where they live…

“They say, ‘the more you focus on the good stuff, the more good stuff you find.’ We came to Springmoor to focus on the good that lay ahead of us in our life, and that’s just what we have found. We are thrilled to be surrounded with ‘young minds’ and ‘positive attitudes.’ As we walk around the campus its as if we had a Book of Knowledge under our arm. Each resident has a story of travel or life-learned lesson that is interesting.

Our biggest surprise is how healthy our neighbors at Springmoor are striving to be. One occupant said, ‘the goal is to die as healthy as you can’ We strongly agree this is a good motto to live by. ”

If you want to consider the future and make a plan to LOVE where you live, please give us a call. Happy Valentine’s Day!