ECU’s Lifelong Learning Program

SpringShire residents have the wonderful opportunity to participate in ECU’s Lifelong Learning Program.

This educational program is for adults 50 and older who want to continue learning in a relaxed atmosphere, without entrance requirements, exams, or grades. The desire to learn for the joy of learning and personal fulfillment is the underlying feature of this program.

Participants enjoy a wide array of learning opportunities designed to:

  • Stimulate intellectual and cultural learning
  • Promote social interaction and greater understanding of our world, and
  • Broaden horizons in many creative ways

Thank you to Andrew Ross and Dr. Regis Gilman for inviting us to join them in celebrating another wonderful year for the LifeLong Learning Program and welcoming SpringShire as a new sponsor and partner. They celebrated their outstanding volunteers with a cookout, certificates of recognition, and take home gifts provided by SpringShire.

Volunteers include retired professors from ECU and professionals from all around Eastern NC who provide their expertise, time and energy to lifelong learning at any age.