SpringShire Hosts Rightsizing Event

Recently SpringShire hosted a Rightsizing Luncheon for future residents and others considering SpringShire Living. The purpose of the event was to update guests on the status of the regions real estate market and guide them on ways they can begin preparing to downsize, or rightsize, their home when considering a move to an active retirement community like SpringShire.

Homer Tyre, Owner of Tyre Realty Group, shared information that supports the rapid improvement of the local real estate market and the benefits this change offers those considering a move in the next two years. Tyre noted that the current inventory of homes for sale is low, which means houses are on the market for a shorter period of time. This is a big swing from what the market looked like eight years ago when sales were slow due to lack of demand and tighter financing guidelines. He discussed the stages of today’s home selling process for those planning a move within the next few years as they look to rightsize their living space, specifically when considering a commitment to retirement living.

Here to Home owner, Jennie Alwood, presented an overview of how to make a game plan for rightsizing to a smaller home. In her presentation, Jennie walked attendees through a two-year game plan starting with the staging and clean out of your existing home and ending with how that would simply move in day at their new residence. Part of the presentation included a brief overview of what options were available for disposing of old electronics and other household materials that have been collected through the years but may no longer be useful. While the project may seem daunting, Jennie noted that by creating a plan ahead of time the decision to move and embrace a new active retirement living lifestyle can be an exciting and pleasant experience.

With the improved real estate market it’s now easier for older adults to confidently proceed with a financial commitment to a Continuing Care Community such as SpringShire. Current SpringShire depositor, Nan Rogers, told guests her story of “Why SpringShire” as she shared her experience with SpringMoor, a sister-community to SpringShire where her mother resided. Nan noted that she made the decision to commit to SpringShire because she didn’t want to be a burden on her children but also because she wanted to continue her active lifestyle without having to worry about day-to-day upkeep of a home and all that comes with living on her own. Most importantly, she noted her excitement to be able to hand-pick her living space since she committed prior to the ground breaking. In addition, her anticipation of living with others like herself, while SpringShire staff provides her with comprehensive billing assistance and access to a full-service clinic, licensed assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care facilities if and when the need arises, provides her a great deal of relief from the worry of what might happen in her older years as she possibly needs continuing care.

Homer presenting at the Rightsizing Event  Jennie presenting at the Rightsizing Event