Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! American Flag on wooden board.

As we take a moment to celebrate Independence, let’s stop and reflect on the term – Independent. It’s a term we hear so often in the senior living world.

What does it mean to live independently? Does the definition mean that you are able to care for yourself, your loved ones and your home? Does the term mean that you do not need to live with any assistance?

We submit that independence means you have total control over your own life. This would mean that you control the way you want to live. For example, you’re perfectly capable of cleaning your own bathroom and washing your own car. However, when you plan your day, you carefully choose how to spend your waking hours – especially when you take in consideration work life, family life and civic responsibility.

You may not wish to spend hours taking care of the bathroom and washing the car, so you hire people to do those things for you so you can spend time volunteering with a favorite organization or spending time with family and friends. 

An independent person has the ability to decide how to spend each day. In the morning, do you find yourself making a “to do list” for the day? Perhaps some items on that list may include:

  • Clean the kitchen
  • Do the laundry
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Pay bills
  • Mow the lawn

What if that list looked more like this:

  • Coffee with friends
  • A trip to the gym
  • Lunch with grandkids
  • Book Club meeting
  • Nature walk

The second list sounds like a vacation! What kind of a day would you look forward to having?

Many people are fearful of living in a community because it may “take away your independence.” Community living can do just the opposite. When those “must-do’s” are taken off your list, you can focus more time on the “wish I could do’s.” People that live in communities find themselves living a very independent life because they are not calling on friends, neighbors and loved ones to help them with some of life’s challenges. The people who are living in communities find themselves much more fulfilled in life as opposed to when they were living in their own homes. Why do people wait for this lifestyle change?

Our founding fathers (and mothers) recognized the value of timing. When they were considering the revolution against Britain, they certainly weren’t going to wait until they “had” to do something and wait to put the decision on the back burner. These people recognized that doing something for the present would have an infinite impact on the future.

If you’ve been considering your own independence and are looking for options in active retirement living, learn more about SpringShire by visiting 24/7. We’re out of the office spending time with our families today, but we’ll be back tomorrow morning. We look forward to sharing what independent living at SpringShire is all about, so call at (252) 317-2303.