Meet Phil Flowers

This week, we would like to introduce SpringShire Advisory Board Member, Phil Flowers.

In 1967 Phil came to Greenville from Bentonville, NC to attend college at ECU. “I fell in love with Greenville when I was in school here and never left, noted Phil.”  After graduation he started a business in the construction industry but then later branched out into Real Estate, where he ultimately landed in Real Estate Development.

Phil and his wife, Marth have lived off Highway 43 North near the location of SpringShire since 1978 when the land was primarily farmland. Over time they converted approximately 500 acres into what is known today as the Rock Springs Community. Part of that includes Rock Springs Event Center which they started as Rock Springs Equestrian Center in 1993.

If you’re part of the Greenville community you may have met Phil on one of the many boards he has participated in throughout his years in Greenville. Some of them include: Pitt County Memorial Hospital, University Health System, Vidant Health System, Greenville Utilities Commission, Pitt County Economic Development Commission, Jarvis Church Trustees, and Community Foundation of ENC.

It’s no wonder that David Ammons contacted Phil Flowers when he first came to Greenville in search of a location for SpringShire. In their discussion they both agreed that with Greenville and Pitt County’s phenomenal growth, more senior living choices were needed. Phil said, “David and I both like to do things in a first class way, so consequently I’ve been a supporter from the beginning. In addition we both realize that taking whatever time is necessary to do things right is important. And to me that means when SpringShire’s complete it’s going to be the best in the region.”