Tips for Making Your Home Safer for Your Grandkids

You love your home- it’s cozy, full of memories and packed with love. You’ve spent many years decorating it with family treasures, priceless photographs and the comfiest of furniture. It’s perfect- well almost. Now that you have grandkids, you are worrying about making it as safe as possible for them. Here are a few tips to keep your home in top “grandkid-safe” condition.

1. Keep Medicine out of Reach

It is reported that about 38 percent of all child-poisonings involve a grandparents’ medication. Be sure to clear all prescriptions from countertops, tables and drawers. You should also have a childproof lock on medicine cabinets. Don’t forget about any medications in your purse that little hands could find!

2. Prevent Serious Falls

Safety gates should be put in place to keep your grandchildren from falling down the stairs. Choose one that screws into the wall- it will be more secure. Install guards in rooms your grandchildren play in to keep them from falling out of windows. These guards attach directly to your window, and belong on windows that are more than 12 feet from the ground. If you don’t like the look of window guards, you can also buy window stops. These devices won’t allow the window to be open more than four inches.

3. Protect Against Burns

Hot water burns thousands of children each year. You can protect your grandchildren by turning your water heater to 120 degrees, and installing anti-scald devices on your facets. Anti-scald devices lock so that kids can’t move the handle too far to the “hot” side, and others will turn the water off when it gets too hot.

4. Check Your Furniture

Have you ever ran into a sharp corner on a table- ouch! Now imagine a little face running into one. Prevent your grandkids from getting hurt by these sharp corners by placing edge bumpers on sharp corner and other furniture.

Did you put up an antique crib when your grandchild was born? How cute! But, make sure it’s safe. The crib bars should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart and should not have any corner posts that stick up. Also, you should not be able to fit more than two fingers between the side of the crib and the mattress. 

Follow these tips, and you will have a safer home for your grandchildren. But just remember to always keep an eye on them- because after all, they grow up way too fast!