Meet Kyle Dilday

This Monday, we would like you to meet Retirement Living Associates, VP of Operations, Kyle Dilday.

Kyle is an eastern North Carolina native who grew up in Ahoskie. His first years in college were at UNC, but he ultimately returned to eastern NC to attend ECU, majoring in Public Health. After graduation he and his wife remained in Greenville while Kyle began his career as a licensed nursing home administrator, and she worked as a nurse at the hospital.  Eventually, Kyle moved to Raleigh to pursue a career with the Ammons family at their Springmoor community. He started as the Administrator of Healthcare (both in-patient and out-patient) and was later named Executive Director. In those roles Kyle got to see first-hand what was important to the residents. “Anyone can really do the food service, housekeeping and lawn care, but it’s the personal touch that makes a difference in people’s lives”, noted Kyle.

“At RLA we take our commitment to meeting the needs of our residents very seriously,” he said. Kyle provided a powerful example of RLA’s dedication to resident comfort. Any time an ambulance is called for a resident a staff member either accompanies them in the ambulance or meets them at the hospital. That includes nights and weekends where everyone takes “call” including the Executive Director.  “It’s scary to have a medical problem and find yourself all alone – especially for many older adults. Often their children are not close by, and we think it’s important they have a familiar face during such a stressful time,” stated Dilday.

As the Ammons family expanded to encompass additional retirement living communities and established the corporation, Retirement Living Associates (RLA), Kyle turned over his duties at Springmoor and was promoted to RLA’s Vice President of Operations.

When several Greenville residents approached RLA about establishing a community in Greenville, Kyle and David Ammons met with them and began to examine the possibility.  These gentlemen were familiar with the organization because they had family members in Raleigh that had lived at Springmoor, and they were passionate about bringing a similar community to eastern NC. After some research, RLA confirmed that Greenville and the surrounding communities were growing and ultimately determined that giving the retirement-ready generation another living option would be a viable and welcome endeavor.  “While the stalled economy slowed down the progress of SpringShire, we’re excited to see this project moving forward,” said Dilday. “We appreciate those initial depositors confidence in our organization and are excited to see others making a commitment to SpringShire living.”