Meet Dr. Lara Surles

This Monday, we are excited to introduce you to SpringShire Advisory Board member, Dr. Lara Surles.

Dr. Surles is a geriatric physician at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville. As a geriatrician, Dr. Surles recognizes the importance of seniors planning for their future. “In my opinion, one of the most important reasons for seniors to plan for their futures early is so that they can make their own decisions based on their own likes and dislikes,” she says.

Dr. Surles recommends that seniors find a community that provides “aging in place.” “Finding a community that provides all levels of care, so that a person’s needs can be met in one location, no matter what level of care they require is very important,” says Dr. Surles.

The SpringShire community will be equipped to provide for continuing medical needs as each resident ages. “SpringShire will be the type of place that encourages and supports active and interactive lifestyles, yet provides the reassurance that if a person becomes disabled or needs rehabilitation, they will not be separated from their neighbors and friends in order to receive optimal care,” notes Dr. Surles. “As a geriatric physician, I have seen how isolation in older years affects a person, both mentally and physically,” she continues. A community, like SpringShire, will allow residents to remain surrounded by friends and neighbors, which is important to mental health in seniors.

Dr. Surles says that planning early will allow individuals to look at different communities in order to discover what suits their style, and then they can purse the community that suits them best- a community that can provide for their needs as they may change.

“I joined the SpringShire Advisory Board because I see this as an exciting opportunity to share in its growth and to share in a plan that maximizes options for our seniors,” comments Dr. Surles. She is excited that SpringShire has become an attractive option for older persons in eastern North Carolina.