How To Make The Holidays Special When You Can’t Be With Family

When many people think about Christmas they think of presents, trees, family – and traditions. Many times these traditions turn into expectations, and we may find ourselves upset if these traditions have to change. But, as you get older it may be harder to travel to visit family out of town. Or, you may have loved ones that have passed away, and you feel you are facing the holidays alone. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the holidays. Even if you can’t be with family this Christmas, there are new ways you can celebrate.

Go High-Tech

One in five people over 65 do not drive, which makes it very hard to see out-of-town family. If you have a smart phone or tablet arrange a real-time video chat with family you couldn’t visit this holiday season. Programs like FaceTime and Skype make it possible for you to have video conversations. If you aren’t sure how to do this, ask a family member or friend who is more tech-savvy to help you. Often, it’s just as easy as making a phone call!

Celebrate With Friends

Call friends that live nearby and ask to be included in whatever they’re doing. Offer to bring your best dish to the gathering. If a friend extends an invitation to join in on their festivities, don’t be shy about accepting! Most friends love opening their home during the holidays and expanding the celebration. It works for everyone! You may even have friends who are in the same position. Remember that you are not the only person without extended family during the holidays. Get together with friends and have fun!

Start New Traditions

If you can’t be with family, or are just celebrating this holiday season with your spouse, start your own traditions. Cook your favorite meal for Christmas dinner – this will be a lot easier since you are only cooking for two. Putting energy into creating new traditions will make you miss past traditions less.

Continue To Share Family Stories

One of the best parts of family gatherings is reminiscing about stories and past events. If you have no living relatives or can’t be with family during Christmas, bring the family album along with you to a friend’s house. Share with them funny stories and photos from the past.

Spread Holiday Cheer From Your Home

If you cannot be with family this holiday season because you are home-bound, you can still participate in the joy of the season. Christmas, as we all know, is about giving to others. Buy a box of cards and address them to troops stationed overseas. Or, if you are able to get out of the house, volunteer at the local soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

Anticipate New Traditions

Another way to avoid spending the holidays alone is by living in a community, like SpringShire. At SpringShire you will be surrounded by friends and neighbors, many of whom may face spending the holidays alone as well. You will live close to these new friends, making holiday gatherings easy and stress-free! And the best part is you can choose to cook or let the SpringShire chef take care of it for you.

Spending the holidays without family can be tough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a wonderful Christmas.