Why Remaining In Your Current Home For Retirement Isn’t Free!


Many seniors say that one of the reasons they want to stay in their current home instead of moving to a retirement community is because it is less expensive. But is this really the case? You may be surprised to find that the cost-savings may not be as big as you think. In fact, it may be more expensive to live in your current home.

Remaining in Your Current Home Won’t Be “Free.”

Remember that remaining in your home isn’t free. As a homeowner, there will always be costs. There are taxes, insurances, groceries and utilities. Every now and then, there is a new hot water heater, new faucets and new appliances. Once in a while, there is a new roof, carpeting, paint or air conditioning unit. On many occasions, these come as emergency expenses and you have no time to prepare for the cost or inconvenience. 

Because you are still active and healthy, these things may not seem like that big of deal – just a part of life as you know it. But, when you are unable to do everyday tasks around your home, how much will it cost to hire in-home help for this long list of chores?

But wait, there is more! If you plan to remain in your current home, you will need to think about modifications your home may need to accommodate your needs as you age. Will you have to add grip bars near the tub and toilet, widen doorways, or install a lift or ramp?

Living at home may also mean that in the future you may have to hire in-home service providers to help you with your health care needs. The national average for in-home health aides ranges between $15 and $27 an hour. If there does come a time that you are no longer able to remain in your home, even with assistance, moving to a nursing home will quickly increase your monthly expenses – on top of the continuing costs for the home you’ve left behind. As you can see, remaining in your current home during retirement isn’t “free” – by a long shot.

Consider a move to SpringShire!

Compared to the actual expense of remaining in your current home, an active, independent living retirement community can provide you with a surprisingly affordable alternative. For most residents, the upfront entrance free for moving to SpringShire will be handled by the proceeds from selling their current home. After moving in, there will only be one monthly fee. This will cover utilities, repairs, security and much more! Never have to worry about mowing the lawn, racking leaves or pressure washing the house. Your meals are even included, as well as recreation, entertainment and more. But, the best part is the peace of mind that access to quality healthcare is assured when the need arises. Assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care and rehabilitation services will all be available within the community. Another benefit is that if you and your spouse have different healthcare needs, one can live independently while the other receives care, all within the comfort of the community.

Speak With A SpringShire Sales Associate To Compare Your Options

Contact SpringShire to learn more. Discover how to simplify retirement (and your expenses) by moving to an active, maintenance-free community. Ensure that you’re cared for through every phase following retirement. And, find out the actual costs (and savings) of moving to a continuing care retirement community before concluding that it is just “too expensive.”