Founder Testimonial

A New Chapter – Barbara Oliver, Bath NC

Barbara Oliver

“Am I too young to be deciding on a retirement community?”

“Am I really ready to downsize from my waterfront home of more than 20 years?”

Those were just two of my questions more than a year ago when I began considering SpringShire Retirement Community as my next home. I began to analyze how much I was using my financial and physical resources each year to stay in a house that is larger than I need. Each month, I spend many hours maintaining the grounds and property. As time goes by, I may not be physically able to do those things and am already finding that they keep me from other activities I could be enjoying.

In years past, my grandsons spent more time with me, and my parents were close by. The boys are now teenagers and looking toward adulthood, building their own lives. My parents are no longer with me. My daughter has a challenging career and a busy life.

It’s time for me to look forward and start a new chapter in my own life. SpringShire will be the perfect place to do that. I have made my reservation and selected my beautiful apartment location overlooking the courtyard.

If my circumstances change or if I change my mind for any reason at all, my deposit will be refunded with interest. How great is that!

My mother-in-law lived at Springmoor, a sister community in Raleigh, during the 1980s. She had a good experience, making new friends, keeping in touch with old friends, enjoying the amenities of her community without the responsibilities of maintenance. She once told me, “I should have done this sooner!”

If I had any doubt, it has been removed by my recent experience with a major water leak under my kitchen sink during Hurricane Florence. After preparing for the storm, I left to be with family, only to return after four days to a house damaged by about 54,000 gallons of water.  Kitchen cabinets, drywall and floors had to be ripped out.

My furniture is stacked and crammed into guest rooms, the garage and a storage container in the driveway. As I “patiently” make do in one room while waiting for my kitchen and flooring to be restored, I am looking forward to my independence at SpringShire and spending more time with my family and friends.

Indeed, “I am ready for a new beginning!”

– Barbara Oliver, Bath NC