The Unexpected Benefits of Moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community

We understand. The experience of moving can be physically and emotionally exhausting, so remaining in your own home for retirement seems to be the easiest choice. Many times, we are distracted by an emotional attachment, not only to our homes, but the lifetime worth of memories. The experience of moving  gets you thinking about other options but most tend to believe that remaining in their current home is more cost effective. However, it is important to consider all of the costs associated with maintaining your home. It is a good idea to calculate your current monthly expenses. Often, just seeing the numbers on paper becomes an eye opening experience. However, financial costs should not be the only determining factor when making a decision. It is important to have a secure environment where you can continue to be active, social, healthy, and as engaged in life as possible. Now is the time to take a peek at a retirement community that puts your best interests first!

If you have already begun to research retirement communities, you know the benefits that come with moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), but there may be a few you overlooked:

More Personal Time:

At SpringShire plan to live maintenance-free; you will spend less time worrying about what needs to be done and more time enjoying what you love, retirement!  You will continue to live independently but for everyday tasks like mowing the grass, changing light bulbs and household repairs, let us take care of those for you. Your time should be spent enjoying a cup of coffee with friends or a day out visiting some of Greenville’s local attractions. SpringShire, will be both a home to people that may share similar histories & interests and provide the opportunity to learn something brand new with a new acquaintance! Every day will be a new adventure.

Peace of Mind:

By moving to a CCRC, you will not only provide yourself, but your family, with peace of mind knowing your needs will be met with the availability of onsite healthcare. It is all too common for adult children or other relatives to become the primary caregiver. Unfortunately, there are many who don’t live close by and are unable to assist when they need it most. Often times, not being able to care for your loved ones leaves them with a sense of guilt. The more decisions you can make now, the less your family will have to make for you in the future. At SpringShire, should you need access to healthcare, we will provide the options for Assisted, Skilled and Memory Care right where you call home.

A Home For Life:

A home for life means you have the freedom to pursue the retirement you want because you planned ahead for the future. No matter what direction life takes you, have the peace of mind knowing you made a plan. At SpringShire, you will find a community enriched with an active lifestyle. You can enjoy the pleasures of retirement living to the fullest! All the advantages of independent living, with exceptional quality services and amenities, including an array of dining options, social events, and available on site health care should you ever need it.

A Continuing Care Retirement Community offers an opportunity to enjoy life on your own terms. Best of all, a home for life gives you the peace of mind knowing you planned your future….. just like you made plans for other major events in your life. Remember, few people regret making important decisions like this too soon but many regret that they waited too long! To discover more about moving to a CCRC, contact SpringShire Retirement Community today! Now is the time to make a decision and plan for your future!