Why I Support Mom Changing Her Address but Not Her Lifestyle!

Having the support of friends and family when making a decision for your retirement, while not necessary, can make that process quite seamless. People seek out the advice of children, relatives, and professionals when finalizing their retirement plan. Often times positive support and guidance versus opinions make it an easier transition. Here is an example of how encouragement and support from family resulted in a great retirement decision. 

Why I Support Mom Changing Her Address but Not Her Lifestyle!

By Pamela Cox

Daughter, Pamela Cox, with Future Resident and Mother, Barbara Oliver

When my mother told me about SpringShire, I was intrigued. I had known for years that she didn’t need that big waterfront house in Bath, NC anymore, but I had never pushed the issue. She had to come to that realization on her own. Once the dream retirement home, it had become more of a burden. So when she brought up the topic of SpringShire, she had my attention.

I had not heard of SpringShire; however, I wasn’t a stranger to the concept. In 1984, my paternal grandmother surprised us all when she announced she had made the decision to move to Springmoor in Raleigh, N.C., and had already paid her deposit and chosen her apartment location. Independence runs in the family. After she moved in, my grandmother always said she wished she’d done it sooner.

Over a stack of brochures and papers, I listened as Mom weighed the pros and cons, studied which apartment size she would prefer, analyzed her budget, and asked every question and pondered every situation imaginable. I was supportive, but not pushy or opinionated. I knew she would arrive at the right decision for her. And after months of research and questions, she did.

Mom is a very social person, and she’s made many close friends wherever she lived. So I know that the SpringShire social life will be right up her alley. She’s chosen a balcony location where she can see what’s going on every day while sipping her coffee. If she gets sick or needs immediate care, she doesn’t have to go far, and I don’t have to worry about her being alone or unattended. Her grandchildren and I can visit and even spend the night comfortably. This particular location is also convenient for our family; I live 25 minutes away, and I work just 5 minutes away. So I can swing by and have lunch regularly.

Change is inevitable. And it isn’t easy to leave “home” behind. But after studying all that SpringShire will offer to my mother, I believe that everyone who moves in will wonder, just like my grandmother, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”


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