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Mature friends by swimming pool

10 Ways to Enjoy the Summer While Beating the Heat

Mature friends by swimming pool

Summer is here and that means we start spending more time outside, but that also means that the dog days of summer are right around the corner. Be aware of the weather when planning your day, there are plenty of activities anyone can take part in whether inside or outside. It is possible for you to appreciate the summer months without having to be outside for long periods of time – if at all.

Whether you live independently or in a retirement, assisted living or memory care community, there are always opportunities to relax and appreciate summer.

Here’s a list of 10 ways you can beat the heat and enjoy the summer months:

  • Take a short walk around the property. Go early in the morning or later in the evening – and consider bringing a friend with you. Remember it doesn’t have to be a long walk, keep it short and bring along something cool to drink.
  • Purchase a new book specifically for the summer. Reading a themed novel can make you feel like you’re at the beach or someplace exotic. There are many great books set in places like Cape Cod, Nantucket or the exquisite beaches of the Caribbean.
  • Do you enjoy a good puzzle? If so, pick a summer themed puzzle – one with beaches, rivers or lake houses. Puzzles can conjure up happy memories of summers past while making you appreciate the beautiful landscapes that summer brings.
  • Don’t forget to join in the fun! Does your community have an events calendar? Set some goals and try to participate in two or three pre-planned community activities each month. Joining in is easier if something is already planned, and chances are many of the activities will be summer themed.
  • Feel like staying in? That’s okay, then sit by the window and feel the sun on your face. If you’ve been cooped up inside, sometimes a simple seat by the window feeling the warmth on your skin is all you need to feel relaxed and invigorated.
  • Just like a good puzzle, board games can ease your boredom. Grab one of those board games that are collecting dust. Or, grab a deck of cards and some friends and sit back, relax and show off your competitive side. You can also combine a board game with number 5 above…and put the table by a window so you can feel the warmth on your skin!
  • Tired from your morning walk or community event? Then take a cat nap. Sometimes a 45-90-minute nap in between activities is the best way to get through your day. This is also something you can enjoy any time of the year – so never underestimate the power of a nap.
  • Don’t forget an art project. Make a wreath or some type of hanging art for your door. Use bright colors, flowers and ribbon to celebrate summer. Every time you open your door you’ll be reminded to enjoy the warmer weather while it lasts!
  • On cooler summer days, try bird watching. It’s the perfect time of the year to sit back and enjoy hearing the sweet songs of birds and the simple smell of summer. Take a few moments to enjoy nature at its finest. Remember…avoid being outside during the hottest times of the day, consider early morning or later in the evening.
  • Finally, be a kid again and try a coloring activity. Yes, we said it – color a picture or two! Adult coloring books are popular these days. They promote relaxation and down time, while creating a beautiful piece of artwork. You can find simple coloring pages or more complex books at retail and grocery stores all over. Whatever you coloring book you choose, consider bright colors to help you get in the summer mood. Plus, adult coloring books promote relaxation and can relieve stress.

No matter what you choose to do this summer, we hope it’s fun and relaxing! Just remember not to overdo your time outside, and as the weather becomes hotter, be sure to spend smaller amounts of time in the great outdoors. Finally, don’t forget sunblock, Chap Stick and ice cold water, just in case.

Meet Grayson Rattew

This week, we would like for you to meet SpringShire Sales Associate, Grayson Rattew.

Grayson began working with SpringShire in October of 2016. A Rocky Mount native, she was excited to be a part of the team offering a high-quality, active senior living community to the older population of those currently living or interested in moving to eastern North Carolina.

“Since I was a young girl I have thrived on being involved in my town. Being a part of SpringShire gives me the chance to grow a new community within Greenville. And, when you invest in the growth of your community it thrives. I am proud to be a part of a project that will do just that!” says Grayson. 

Grayson has lived in Greenville for almost 20 years and is amazed at the positive changes that have taken place since she graduated from East Carolina University.  She feels that SpringShire will fill an important need for housing among active seniors, allowing many the opportunity to remain here in their older years and provide an opportunity for some to return to the area to be closer to family and friends.

Coming from a background in marketing and training, Grayson has a strong sense of how people make decisions and handle change.

“I recognize the idea of moving to a retirement community can be daunting,” says Grayson. “We work with folks at every stage of making this decision and support them throughout the process.”

Apart from being a Sales Associate at SpringShire, Grayson is a mother to a wonderful three-year- old son who keeps her young and active.  She likes to take him with her when she volunteers, and they both enjoy being outdoors at the local parks and festivals. Currently she is teaching him to swim. Grayson’s volunteer work includes being the Community Service Director for the Greenville Noon Rotary Club and serving as a volunteer with the Pitt Aging Coalition. 

When she’s not working and volunteering, Grayson loves to travel. Whether it is to the mountains for hiking trips or to her family’s place at the river, laying on the pier or splashing around in the water, she makes sure to spend as much time as she can with the people she loves.


Happy Independence Day! American Flag on wooden board.

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! American Flag on wooden board.

As we take a moment to celebrate Independence, let’s stop and reflect on the term – Independent. It’s a term we hear so often in the senior living world.

What does it mean to live independently? Does the definition mean that you are able to care for yourself, your loved ones and your home? Does the term mean that you do not need to live with any assistance?

We submit that independence means you have total control over your own life. This would mean that you control the way you want to live. For example, you’re perfectly capable of cleaning your own bathroom and washing your own car. However, when you plan your day, you carefully choose how to spend your waking hours – especially when you take in consideration work life, family life and civic responsibility.

You may not wish to spend hours taking care of the bathroom and washing the car, so you hire people to do those things for you so you can spend time volunteering with a favorite organization or spending time with family and friends. 

An independent person has the ability to decide how to spend each day. In the morning, do you find yourself making a “to do list” for the day? Perhaps some items on that list may include:

  • Clean the kitchen
  • Do the laundry
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Pay bills
  • Mow the lawn

What if that list looked more like this:

  • Coffee with friends
  • A trip to the gym
  • Lunch with grandkids
  • Book Club meeting
  • Nature walk

The second list sounds like a vacation! What kind of a day would you look forward to having?

Many people are fearful of living in a community because it may “take away your independence.” Community living can do just the opposite. When those “must-do’s” are taken off your list, you can focus more time on the “wish I could do’s.” People that live in communities find themselves living a very independent life because they are not calling on friends, neighbors and loved ones to help them with some of life’s challenges. The people who are living in communities find themselves much more fulfilled in life as opposed to when they were living in their own homes. Why do people wait for this lifestyle change?

Our founding fathers (and mothers) recognized the value of timing. When they were considering the revolution against Britain, they certainly weren’t going to wait until they “had” to do something and wait to put the decision on the back burner. These people recognized that doing something for the present would have an infinite impact on the future.

If you’ve been considering your own independence and are looking for options in active retirement living, learn more about SpringShire by visiting SpringShire.org 24/7. We’re out of the office spending time with our families today, but we’ll be back tomorrow morning. We look forward to sharing what independent living at SpringShire is all about, so call at (252) 317-2303.

Meet Seth Talley

This week, we would like you to meet SpringShire Sales Associate, Seth Talley.

At the start of 2016, as Springshire relaunched its sales campaign, Seth joined the sales and marketing team to be a part of the sales success of this active retirement community.

Seth notes, “I was impressed with the Ammons family’s dedication to making SpringShire a reality and wanted to be a part of this impressive organization.”

Seth, an eastern North Carolina native, lives in Washington, NC with his wife and has two grown sons.

ECU Alumni Event

ECU alumni standing around pirate cut-out

ECU alumni looking into water tank

Yesterday, SpringShire partnered with East Carolina University’s (ECU) Alumni Association for an exciting alumni event.

Guests were treated to lunch and an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the conservation, documentation and investigation into artifacts from the shipwreck identified as Blackbeard’s flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

Meet Lynn Pischke

This Monday, SpringShire would like you to meet another Community Advisory Board Member, Lynn Pischke.

Lynn is an Account Executive with WNCT-TV9 in Greenville. She currently serves on The Greenville Museum of Art and Riley’s Army boards, and is on the Planning Committee for the Methodist Home for Children’s First Chance for White Pants event.

Lynn is from Riverview, Michigan, but has made Greenville home for the last six years. She is married and is actively involved with her son’s PTA group at Wintergreen Primary.

We asked Lynn why she chose to be part of the SpringShire Advisory Board and she stated, “With the large growth in our population, and people living longer lives, there is a need for more active senior communities across the country.  Although we have some very good communities here, none can compare to SpringShire. Its unique and innovative approach to retirement living is a game changer, and I’m happy to be a part of it. Plus, one day I hope to be a resident!”