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“Aging in Place” at Springshire

Let us take a moment to talk about something we all like to sweep under the rug – planning for retirement. Today you’re young and healthy, but what will happen in the next 5 years? 10 years? What are your plans? Or, maybe the better question for most is, have you even thought about your retirement plans?

When thinking about the years after retirement, seniors should seek a plan that allows them to “age in place.” “Aging in place” means being able to live in the home of your choice for as long as you are able. This includes having access to any service you may require as your needs change. The SpringShire community is designed to allow residents to “age in place.”

As an active, maintenance-free community, SpringShire’s goal is for each resident to enjoy the many amenities and advantages they offer. Vibrant activities, planned outings, fitness programs, and healthy dining options are in place to encourage healthy and active lifestyles. But, should something change, our health care services are unsurpassed.

While SpringShire residents are living independently, a Health Clinic will be conveniently located in the community. Primary Care doctors and nurses will be available for appointments, minor injuries and illnesses, lab testing and more. SpringShire’s transportation team will also provide personal drivers’ services to and from appointments should a resident require a specialist or off-site care.

Further ensuring that residents can “age in place”, SpringShire will provide licensed Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Care in private accommodations. This will allow patients to remain in the community while receiving the care they need. In addition, there will be Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Physical Therapy services provided on-site.

Along with encouraging active and healthy lifestyles, SpringShire will provide the reassurance that should a resident’s health condition change they will be able to receive optimal care without being separated from their spouse, neighbors and friends. Isolation from loved ones can be harmful to seniors’ health. By ensuring that residents can remain in the community and receive care, SpringShire’s goal is that each resident will have a higher quality of life, both physically and mentally.

Planning for the future now will ensure that you have the choice of where you want to spend your years after retirement. When seniors plan for their futures early, while they are healthy and active, they are able to make their own decisions based on their likes and dislikes and families are not left with the burden of making those decisions.

“Aging in place” at SpringShire is also exciting because residents have the unique opportunity to choose their perfect home and location on the property. If you are interested in SpringShire, please contact us today for more information, to see our beautiful floor plan options including estate homes, villas and apartments and to start making your plans for the future.

Happy Independence Day! American Flag on wooden board.

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! American Flag on wooden board.

As we take a moment to celebrate Independence, let’s stop and reflect on the term – Independent. It’s a term we hear so often in the senior living world.

What does it mean to live independently? Does the definition mean that you are able to care for yourself, your loved ones and your home? Does the term mean that you do not need to live with any assistance?

We submit that independence means you have total control over your own life. This would mean that you control the way you want to live. For example, you’re perfectly capable of cleaning your own bathroom and washing your own car. However, when you plan your day, you carefully choose how to spend your waking hours – especially when you take in consideration work life, family life and civic responsibility.

You may not wish to spend hours taking care of the bathroom and washing the car, so you hire people to do those things for you so you can spend time volunteering with a favorite organization or spending time with family and friends. 

An independent person has the ability to decide how to spend each day. In the morning, do you find yourself making a “to do list” for the day? Perhaps some items on that list may include:

  • Clean the kitchen
  • Do the laundry
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Pay bills
  • Mow the lawn

What if that list looked more like this:

  • Coffee with friends
  • A trip to the gym
  • Lunch with grandkids
  • Book Club meeting
  • Nature walk

The second list sounds like a vacation! What kind of a day would you look forward to having?

Many people are fearful of living in a community because it may “take away your independence.” Community living can do just the opposite. When those “must-do’s” are taken off your list, you can focus more time on the “wish I could do’s.” People that live in communities find themselves living a very independent life because they are not calling on friends, neighbors and loved ones to help them with some of life’s challenges. The people who are living in communities find themselves much more fulfilled in life as opposed to when they were living in their own homes. Why do people wait for this lifestyle change?

Our founding fathers (and mothers) recognized the value of timing. When they were considering the revolution against Britain, they certainly weren’t going to wait until they “had” to do something and wait to put the decision on the back burner. These people recognized that doing something for the present would have an infinite impact on the future.

If you’ve been considering your own independence and are looking for options in active retirement living, learn more about SpringShire by visiting SpringShire.org 24/7. We’re out of the office spending time with our families today, but we’ll be back tomorrow morning. We look forward to sharing what independent living at SpringShire is all about, so call at (252) 317-2303.

SpringShire attends the Senior Health Fair

SpringShire had the pleasure of exhibiting at the Senior Health Fair at the Greenville Aquatic Center.

We enjoyed speaking with attendees who were interested in learning about retirement options. We were even serenaded by an energetic group of gentlemen donning caps and red suspenders!

A variety of agencies provided materials and information focusing on health, fitness, nutrition and recreation. A free health screening was available as well.

It was a great event for seniors in our community.

Breakfast with Friends and Future Residents of SpringShire

The ladies of SpringShire gathered at Great Harvest Bread Company for a girls’ morning out and enjoyed breakfast, pastries, coffee, and conversation. It was a wonderful break in the middle of the week to get together with friends to unwind and talk about plans for trips to come as the warm weather approaches, what everyone has been up to, and just to catch up. Future residents and friends mingled and laughed and as always, shared ideas about more fun things to do as a group and discussed upcoming social events at SpringShire.

Lunch & Learn with SpringShire Board of Directors

Today the SpringShire Board of Directors hosted and lunch and learn with their peers and future residents of SpringShire. Guests included several prospective residents who work with or are affiliated with members of the SpringShire Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors include Reverend Beth Thompson, Associate Pastor of Oakmont Baptist Church, Dr. Bob Deyton, retired OB-GYN, Roger Robertson, President at Vidant Health, and Ernest Carraway, attorney in Raleigh.

Rev. Thompson welcomed the group for lunch and expressed how excited she was to see so many people interested in learning more about the community. She shared some of her experience in looking into retirement living options in Eastern North Carolina for her own family, and she was especially impressed with the work that David Ammons and Retirement Living Associates, Inc. has done in other retirement communities such as Springmoor in Raleigh.

Morgan Lamphere, Vice President of Marketing at SpringShire, shared more details about the time frame of construction for the community and showed a virtual tour of what the community will look like.

Dr. Earl Trevathan, future resident at SpringShire said that if everyone could experience that virtual tour, they would really get a taste for what life will be like at this exciting new community.

“Right now is an excellent time to visit the Information Center to learn about the deposit process,” said David Ammons, Founder of SpringShire. “Even though you may not be ready today, now is an excellent time to make a plan for the future. The deposit is 100% refundable with no risk to you as a future resident.”

Grayson Rattew encouraged the group to make an appointment at the Sales Office by calling (252) 317-2303.