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SpringShire’s Founder’s Club Benefits

Make plans at SpringShire now and enjoy Founder’s Club benefits!

Why make plans at SpringShire now? As a founding member of SpringShire, you are entitled to complimentary benefits. These benefits will make your move to SpringShire stress-free and will improve the quality of your life’s next chapter! Not to mention, your deposit is kept in an escrow account in your name – protected and fully refundable with interest if you change your mind for any reason. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

As a Founding Member you will enjoy the following:

  • Priority selection of your home location. Be the first to reserve the most sought-after floor plans, views and location within the community.
  • Secure entrance free pricing. Lock in your home price and avoid the high cost of homes in the future. With real estate values rising, now is the perfect time to reserve your home at SpringShire.
  • Invitations to Founder’s Club events. Get to know your future neighbors at fun, exclusive events hosted by the SpringShire team.
  • Personalization and Design Services. As a founding member you will have the opportunity to choose fixtures and finishes for your new home. Receive assistance in choosing everything from paint colors and carpet to countertops and lights. You will have a number of choices to make sure your new home is to your liking.
  • Moving will be easy with help from the SpringShire team. Work with a personal relocation manager who will assist you with every aspect of your move – from selling your current home to downsizing for your move to the community.
  • Complimentary Settling-In Services. Receive assistance with the work of unpacking by having a personal assistant available to hang pictures, make your bed and get your kitchen organized.
  • Complimentary Storage and Under-Cover Parking. Each member of the Founders Club will receive a reserved under-cover parking space assigned to their unit. An indoor, easy to access storage unit will also be included.

Call SpringShire for more details or to learn more about the community.

Six New Year’s Resolutions Perfect For Those Over 60

It’s the first month of the New Year. Which means it’s the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. Have you made any resolutions for 2018? As you consider what you would like to change or improve in this New Year, reflect on your life as a whole. Are you happy with your health? Are you spending enough quality time with your grandchildren?

Set a goal that focuses on bettering your overall health, both physically and mentally. It’s very easy for a resolution to get swept under the rug, so make your resolutions something that will be important to you or something you are passionate about. This will give you the motivation you need to stick with it all year and beyond.

Here a few New Year’s resolutions that are perfect for those over 60:

1. Get Moving for 10 Minutes A Day

Staying active is the key to healthy aging. Make it a goal to spend at least 10 minutes each day doing some sort of physical activity or exercising. Make this time enjoyable by doing something you like; take a walk through a nature trail, dance or swim. Be creative. Who knows you may find a new hobby!

2. Volunteer More

Now that you are retired you may find that you have more free time than you ever have. Consider giving back to your community by volunteering your time with local organizations. Think about something you are passionate about, and turn that passion into a volunteer opportunity. Consider volunteering at a local animal shelter or food bank. By keeping this resolution, not only will you be giving back, you will have an increased sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

3. Spend More Time With Family

Make 2018 the year to spend time with your family. Most grandparents would agree that there is nothing quite as special as spending time with grandchildren. These quality times shouldn’t only be reserved for holidays or birthdays. Stay connected with your grandchildren and other family members on a regular basis. In 2018, commit to meeting up with family every other week to catch up.

4. Reconnect With Old Friends

Over the years you’ve probably lost touch with friends you’ve had in the past. Now that you are retired and you don’t have the responsibility of raising children or maintaining a career, reach out to old friends. There are dozens of ways to rekindle an old friendship. Make a phone call, send an email, or reach out through Facebook. Make it a goal in 2018 to keep in touch and schedule a time to get together in the near future.

5. Challenge Your Brain Regularly

We all know that as we age it is important to stay physically active. But, it’s also important to give your brain a regular “workout” as well. The more you use your mind, the better it will work. Reading a book, doing crossword puzzles or Sudoku, and socializing with others all give your brain a boost. Consider joining SpringShire’s partner, ECU Lifelong Learning Programs. This educational program is for adults over 50 who want to continue to learn. They offer opportunities that will stimulate learning, promote social interaction and broaden horizons in creative ways.

6. Clean Out Attic, Garage or Closets

We can amass a lot of stuff over a lifetime. Holding onto some stuff is important because it reminds you of happy times and great experiences, or it can be meaningfully passed down to future generations. But, there is likely a lot of things you don’t need any more or things that your children may not want. Commit to de-cluttering your home this year. The attic, garage and closets are all good places to start. Organize your life in 2018.

The New Year is also the perfect time to start planning for your future. Making maintenance-free living plans at SpringShire will allow you time to keep all of your New Year’s resolutions. Have time to do the things you want to do. As we reserve more and more homes, your preferred choices for maintenance-free retirement living becomes limited. Call us today to speak with one of our sales associates about our beautiful floor plan options and to learn more about retirement living at its finest. Schedule a visit today to see our property and virtual tour. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make 2018 the best year yet!

Ways to Stay Active During The Fall

Fall is right around the corner! Are you ready for cooler weather, sweaters and pumpkin-flavored sweets?  While some of us may be sad summer is over, fall is a great time for seniors to get up and get moving, as temperatures begin to level off and the humidity decreases. This season take the time to appreciate the beauty of the fall with activities perfectly suited for this time of the year.

1. Gardening

The end of summer and beginning of fall is a great time for seniors to garden. The weather is cooler which will allow you to be more comfortable, not to mention you can plant some delicious vegetables to be harvested in the fall- like onions, radishes, beets, carrots, lettuce, garlic and turnips. Studies have also shown that gardening relieves stress, and can increase joint mobility and hand strength.

2. Birdwatching

In the upcoming fall season, on days when the weather is not to hot and not to cold, spend time outdoors birdwatching. Install a bird bath, birdhouse, or bird feeder and enjoy your ticket to the theatre of nature. When cold weather sets in, continue to enjoy this activity from inside by watching through the window.

3. Decorate the House

One of the best things about fall are the beautiful colors associated with it. Take time this season to decorate your home for fall. Hang a wreath, buy mums and carve pumpkins to display. Make an afternoon out of visiting local pumpkin patches to find the perfect one!

4. Prepare Festive Homemade Treats

Fall is the perfect time for baking. There are so many yummy classics, like pumpkin and pecan pie. Think of your favorite fall sweets. Make a batch for family and friends to share the season’s cheer!

5. Modify Outdoor Activities

As the weather becomes to cool to be outside, you can still participate in many of the outdoor activities you like with slight modifications. If you enjoyed swimming or walking, find an indoor pool or track to use.

P.S. The SpringShire community will have a beautiful indoor pool and recreation facility that residents can use year around!

Remember to enjoy the weather this upcoming fall season! There are so many perfect activities, you won’t have to look far to find ways to stay active.

Celebrating Work

By Morgan Lamphere, Vice President of Marketing, Retirement Living Associates, Inc.

As we celebrate Labor Day, let’s reflect on what work means to someone who is retired. Even though you may not be receiving a regular paycheck, work and vocational experience is still a significant part of life.

Think back on your first job…

How old were you?

How much were you paid?

What did it mean to you to bring home that first paycheck?

Did you enjoy it?

My father’s first job was working with his father on the family “Truck Farm.” In those days, that meant he helped tend the family farm and sold vegetables and fruits from the back of his dad’s truck all over town. Eventually, his father started a tree nursery, and he was expected to help the family business so Grandpap didn’t have to hire outside workers and add to the business overhead.

Despite the unglamorous work, Dad took pride in what he did. He had to learn the different types of shrubs and trees Grandpap sold. Now, 65 years later, taking pride in his work is paramount.

For him work gives him a sense of satisfaction. He enjoys maintaining a nice garden for himself and my mom. The tricks and techniques he learned on the truck garden and nursery have paid off, and my parents are rewarded handsomely with beautiful vegetables that grow throughout the early spring and well into the fall.

For retirees, vocational experience doesn’t end when they receive the gold watch and retirement party. Their vocations shift, and I enjoy working with many retirees who find new purpose in life in and out of retirement communities.

Ann Foster lives at SearStone in Cary. Before Ann moved to SearStone, she became involved in a “Lovey Program” at the local hospitals. Ann worked with a group of seamstresses who would use scrap fabric and stuffing to create stuffed animals for children visiting the emergency room.

“Being in an emergency room is so scary for children,” says Ann. “I felt like giving them this little bit of comfort would make them feel a bit better.”

After Ann moved to SearStone she found a brigade of women, and men, who were interested in helping. Some of the residents in the health care center also wanted to get involved, so Ann expanded the operation. Now, SearStone residents help with sewing on the ribbons and “eyes” and the residents in Brittany Place stuff the animals. They make bears, doggies and dinosaurs and Ann has donated bag after bag to the local hospital.

Another group of residents at Springmoor Retirement Community enjoy a monthly “Stop Hunger Now” event where residents and staff create bagged meals out of basic ingredients to serve to the hungry.  In a six-year period, this effort has created 3,075 pounds of packaged meals!  This is an excellent example of how living in a community can create strength in numbers.

3 Gifts Life Has Given You When You Are 60 and Beyond

It seems that the more candles you blow out on your cake, the happier your life can be. Research has shown that, although many things supposedly worsen with age, older people often have a better sense of overall well-being. Here are three gifts that life has given you when you reach 60 that make you happier:

1. Life Has Given You More Confidence

Confidence comes from self-acceptance and less concern for pleasing others. At 60 and beyond, you’ve learned how far you can bend without breaking and when to push and be pushed. You know when enough is enough. Through your many life experiences you’ve learned how to brush off life’s small stressors, and you tend to care less about what people think. At retirement age, you stop keeping your voice down, and, sometimes after years of being silenced, you are self-assured enough to take a few risks. It is also true that with age comes wisdom. As you journey through life, you’ve learned to use life lessons as powerful tools to make decisions confidently.

2. Life Has Given You a Sense of Accomplishment

In early adulthood there a lot of decisions to be made and what-ifs to be answered like- where should I work, who will I marry, will I have children- the list goes on and on. Then, over the next few decades you strive to achieve your goals. Now that you are in your 60s, you can relax a little knowing that these what-ifs have been resolved. You now have a healthy sense of pride that comes from all of your accomplishments.

3. Life Has Given You Freedom

You’ve planned for this change. It can feel like a weight has been lifted when you leave a long-time job or career. Now that your children are own their own, you can unburden yourself from the responsibility of raising a family- you may also feel that the financial security that comes along with this also gives a sense a freedom. Freedom shows up in other ways, too. You no longer have to set the alarm clock- you get to move through the day to your own rhythm. You are free to reengage old passions and discover new hobbies.

You will be reminded daily of the gifts of Confidence, Accomplishment and Freedom that come in this season of life. Even on the days they don’t feel as prevalent, give thanks for the days when they are. As you journey through life, be sure to recognize the many other gifts life gives you when you are 60 and beyond.

Press Release: SpringShire to hold open house

A continuing care retirement community will host an open house this week to give the community a chance to glimpse what the completed community will look like.
SpringShire Retirement LLC will hold an open house on Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. During the event, which will take place at the SpringShire Informational Center, 3404 N.C. 43 North, Greenville, the staff will be meeting with visitors and showing off plans via a virtual tour.

The virtual tour will allow those who attend the opportunity to see what SpringShire will look like when construction is completed. The tour showcases the options offered for maintenance-free living, from estate homes to a variety of apartment layouts.

After viewing the virtual tour, SpringShire invites guests to stop by the gazebo overlooking the natural, 138-acre property and envision the community for themselves.
“We are thrilled with our new virtual tour, and we’re even more thrilled to show it off,” said Morgan Lamphere, vice President of marketing for the community. “We cannot wait for future residents and potential future residents to see the beautiful plans we have for SpringShire and become just as excited as we are.”

The community will consist of 150 independent-living apartments, 12 independent cottages, an 8-bed assisted living unit and a 12-bed skilled nursing unit. In addition to the homes, the community will offer a variety of services and amenities such as dining venues, fitness center & indoor pool, a movie theater, card rooms, and easy access to walkways and nature trails.

SpringShire is a not-for-profit continuing care retirement community. A CCRC offers a continuum of living and care options for older adults. The community is being developed by Retirement Living Associates, Inc., a firm that also manages a number of other senior living communities in the Southeast including Springmoor Life Care Community in Raleigh.

Read the Press Release on Reflector.com