A way of life that gets your nature

Amenities that get your sociable nature

Life at SpringShire will include an inspiring collection of amenities that will let you spread your wings and enjoy life to the fullest. And using all of them is included in the monthly fee.

Amenities will support and expand on the Seven Dimensions of Wellness, helping you create a lifestyle that’s both healthy and fun. Once here, you’ll be thrilled with the dedicated spaces and facilities for exercise, relaxation, learning, entertainment and more.

The SpringShire campus itself will be one of the best amenities, with beautiful grounds tended by professional gardeners, and paved nature trails that will allow you to get close to the natural environment.

Enriching amenities to be included in the monthly service package:

  • State-of-the-art wellness center with exercise equipment and fitness training
  • Indoor pool and water aerobics classes
  • Walking paths woven through our 100-acre-plus campus
  • Formal dining room
  • Casual bistro with take-out and on-the-go options
  • Well-stocked library
  • Large gathering room for events and classes
  • Movie theater
  • Much more