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Why Remaining In Your Current Home For Retirement Isn’t Free!


Many seniors say that one of the reasons they want to stay in their current home instead of moving to a retirement community is because it is less expensive. But is this really the case? You may be surprised to find that the cost-savings may not be as big as you think. In fact, it may be more expensive to live in your current home.

Remaining in Your Current Home Won’t Be “Free.”

Remember that remaining in your home isn’t free. As a homeowner, there will always be costs. There are taxes, insurances, groceries and utilities. Every now and then, there is a new hot water heater, new faucets and new appliances. Once in a while, there is a new roof, carpeting, paint or air conditioning unit. On many occasions, these come as emergency expenses and you have no time to prepare for the cost or inconvenience. 

Because you are still active and healthy, these things may not seem like that big of deal – just a part of life as you know it. But, when you are unable to do everyday tasks around your home, how much will it cost to hire in-home help for this long list of chores?

But wait, there is more! If you plan to remain in your current home, you will need to think about modifications your home may need to accommodate your needs as you age. Will you have to add grip bars near the tub and toilet, widen doorways, or install a lift or ramp?

Living at home may also mean that in the future you may have to hire in-home service providers to help you with your health care needs. The national average for in-home health aides ranges between $15 and $27 an hour. If there does come a time that you are no longer able to remain in your home, even with assistance, moving to a nursing home will quickly increase your monthly expenses – on top of the continuing costs for the home you’ve left behind. As you can see, remaining in your current home during retirement isn’t “free” – by a long shot.

Consider a move to SpringShire!

Compared to the actual expense of remaining in your current home, an active, independent living retirement community can provide you with a surprisingly affordable alternative. For most residents, the upfront entrance free for moving to SpringShire will be handled by the proceeds from selling their current home. After moving in, there will only be one monthly fee. This will cover utilities, repairs, security and much more! Never have to worry about mowing the lawn, racking leaves or pressure washing the house. Your meals are even included, as well as recreation, entertainment and more. But, the best part is the peace of mind that access to quality healthcare is assured when the need arises. Assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care and rehabilitation services will all be available within the community. Another benefit is that if you and your spouse have different healthcare needs, one can live independently while the other receives care, all within the comfort of the community.

Speak With A SpringShire Sales Associate To Compare Your Options

Contact SpringShire to learn more. Discover how to simplify retirement (and your expenses) by moving to an active, maintenance-free community. Ensure that you’re cared for through every phase following retirement. And, find out the actual costs (and savings) of moving to a continuing care retirement community before concluding that it is just “too expensive.”

SpringShire’s Founder’s Club Benefits

Make plans at SpringShire now and enjoy Founder’s Club benefits!

Why make plans at SpringShire now? As a founding member of SpringShire, you are entitled to complimentary benefits. These benefits will make your move to SpringShire stress-free and will improve the quality of your life’s next chapter! Not to mention, your deposit is kept in an escrow account in your name – protected and fully refundable with interest if you change your mind for any reason. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

As a Founding Member you will enjoy the following:

  • Priority selection of your home location. Be the first to reserve the most sought-after floor plans, views and location within the community.
  • Secure entrance free pricing. Lock in your home price and avoid the high cost of homes in the future. With real estate values rising, now is the perfect time to reserve your home at SpringShire.
  • Invitations to Founder’s Club events. Get to know your future neighbors at fun, exclusive events hosted by the SpringShire team.
  • Personalization and Design Services. As a founding member you will have the opportunity to choose fixtures and finishes for your new home. Receive assistance in choosing everything from paint colors and carpet to countertops and lights. You will have a number of choices to make sure your new home is to your liking.
  • Moving will be easy with help from the SpringShire team. Work with a personal relocation manager who will assist you with every aspect of your move – from selling your current home to downsizing for your move to the community.
  • Complimentary Settling-In Services. Receive assistance with the work of unpacking by having a personal assistant available to hang pictures, make your bed and get your kitchen organized.
  • Complimentary Storage and Under-Cover Parking. Each member of the Founders Club will receive a reserved under-cover parking space assigned to their unit. An indoor, easy to access storage unit will also be included.

Call SpringShire for more details or to learn more about the community.

Six New Year’s Resolutions Perfect For Those Over 60

It’s the first month of the New Year. Which means it’s the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. Have you made any resolutions for 2018? As you consider what you would like to change or improve in this New Year, reflect on your life as a whole. Are you happy with your health? Are you spending enough quality time with your grandchildren?

Set a goal that focuses on bettering your overall health, both physically and mentally. It’s very easy for a resolution to get swept under the rug, so make your resolutions something that will be important to you or something you are passionate about. This will give you the motivation you need to stick with it all year and beyond.

Here a few New Year’s resolutions that are perfect for those over 60:

1. Get Moving for 10 Minutes A Day

Staying active is the key to healthy aging. Make it a goal to spend at least 10 minutes each day doing some sort of physical activity or exercising. Make this time enjoyable by doing something you like; take a walk through a nature trail, dance or swim. Be creative. Who knows you may find a new hobby!

2. Volunteer More

Now that you are retired you may find that you have more free time than you ever have. Consider giving back to your community by volunteering your time with local organizations. Think about something you are passionate about, and turn that passion into a volunteer opportunity. Consider volunteering at a local animal shelter or food bank. By keeping this resolution, not only will you be giving back, you will have an increased sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

3. Spend More Time With Family

Make 2018 the year to spend time with your family. Most grandparents would agree that there is nothing quite as special as spending time with grandchildren. These quality times shouldn’t only be reserved for holidays or birthdays. Stay connected with your grandchildren and other family members on a regular basis. In 2018, commit to meeting up with family every other week to catch up.

4. Reconnect With Old Friends

Over the years you’ve probably lost touch with friends you’ve had in the past. Now that you are retired and you don’t have the responsibility of raising children or maintaining a career, reach out to old friends. There are dozens of ways to rekindle an old friendship. Make a phone call, send an email, or reach out through Facebook. Make it a goal in 2018 to keep in touch and schedule a time to get together in the near future.

5. Challenge Your Brain Regularly

We all know that as we age it is important to stay physically active. But, it’s also important to give your brain a regular “workout” as well. The more you use your mind, the better it will work. Reading a book, doing crossword puzzles or Sudoku, and socializing with others all give your brain a boost. Consider joining SpringShire’s partner, ECU Lifelong Learning Programs. This educational program is for adults over 50 who want to continue to learn. They offer opportunities that will stimulate learning, promote social interaction and broaden horizons in creative ways.

6. Clean Out Attic, Garage or Closets

We can amass a lot of stuff over a lifetime. Holding onto some stuff is important because it reminds you of happy times and great experiences, or it can be meaningfully passed down to future generations. But, there is likely a lot of things you don’t need any more or things that your children may not want. Commit to de-cluttering your home this year. The attic, garage and closets are all good places to start. Organize your life in 2018.

The New Year is also the perfect time to start planning for your future. Making maintenance-free living plans at SpringShire will allow you time to keep all of your New Year’s resolutions. Have time to do the things you want to do. As we reserve more and more homes, your preferred choices for maintenance-free retirement living becomes limited. Call us today to speak with one of our sales associates about our beautiful floor plan options and to learn more about retirement living at its finest. Schedule a visit today to see our property and virtual tour. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make 2018 the best year yet!

How To Make The Holidays Special When You Can’t Be With Family

When many people think about Christmas they think of presents, trees, family – and traditions. Many times these traditions turn into expectations, and we may find ourselves upset if these traditions have to change. But, as you get older it may be harder to travel to visit family out of town. Or, you may have loved ones that have passed away, and you feel you are facing the holidays alone. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the holidays. Even if you can’t be with family this Christmas, there are new ways you can celebrate.

Go High-Tech

One in five people over 65 do not drive, which makes it very hard to see out-of-town family. If you have a smart phone or tablet arrange a real-time video chat with family you couldn’t visit this holiday season. Programs like FaceTime and Skype make it possible for you to have video conversations. If you aren’t sure how to do this, ask a family member or friend who is more tech-savvy to help you. Often, it’s just as easy as making a phone call!

Celebrate With Friends

Call friends that live nearby and ask to be included in whatever they’re doing. Offer to bring your best dish to the gathering. If a friend extends an invitation to join in on their festivities, don’t be shy about accepting! Most friends love opening their home during the holidays and expanding the celebration. It works for everyone! You may even have friends who are in the same position. Remember that you are not the only person without extended family during the holidays. Get together with friends and have fun!

Start New Traditions

If you can’t be with family, or are just celebrating this holiday season with your spouse, start your own traditions. Cook your favorite meal for Christmas dinner – this will be a lot easier since you are only cooking for two. Putting energy into creating new traditions will make you miss past traditions less.

Continue To Share Family Stories

One of the best parts of family gatherings is reminiscing about stories and past events. If you have no living relatives or can’t be with family during Christmas, bring the family album along with you to a friend’s house. Share with them funny stories and photos from the past.

Spread Holiday Cheer From Your Home

If you cannot be with family this holiday season because you are home-bound, you can still participate in the joy of the season. Christmas, as we all know, is about giving to others. Buy a box of cards and address them to troops stationed overseas. Or, if you are able to get out of the house, volunteer at the local soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

Anticipate New Traditions

Another way to avoid spending the holidays alone is by living in a community, like SpringShire. At SpringShire you will be surrounded by friends and neighbors, many of whom may face spending the holidays alone as well. You will live close to these new friends, making holiday gatherings easy and stress-free! And the best part is you can choose to cook or let the SpringShire chef take care of it for you.

Spending the holidays without family can be tough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a wonderful Christmas.

Meet Jamie Carraway

This Monday, we would like to introduce you to the newest member of the SpringShire team, Jamie Carraway.

Jamie is the Sales Assistant for SpringShire. She is a native of Greenville and has lived in the area her whole life. “I love calling eastern North Carolina home and having the chance to experience the many wonderful local attractions with my family,” she says.

Before joining the SpringShire team, Jamie was an Account Manager for a local staffing firm and has several years of experience in Healthcare and Human Resources. 

“I am excited about this opportunity because I get to see first-hand the development of what will be such a unique and beautiful community for this area,” comments Jamie. “I am also excited to meet the wonderful residents that will be calling it home,” she continues.

Holiday Safety Tips for Seniors

Christmas is around the corner and the holiday fun is just getting started! Stores are filled with decorations, trees and lights, and our calendars are filled with holiday parties and gathering with family. At SpringShire, we want you all to have a wonderful Christmas! Most importantly though, we want everyone to stay safe during their celebrations. We have compiled a list of holiday safety tips to help you make this Christmas season one of only happiness and good memories.

Holiday Decorating

Holiday decorating can be a concern as you age. You may not be able to climb a ladder or lift bulky boxes full of wreaths like you once could, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put up the beautiful decorations you love!

Here are a few holiday safety tips to help you “deck the halls.”

  1. Use simple decorations that won’t cause clutter. Make sure that you have plenty of room to walk and move through your home safely.
  2. Keep extensions cords along walls or behind furniture to avoid tripping.
  3. Remember to never attach more than three stands of lights to a single extension cord.
  4. Use non-slip grip on any holiday doormats.
  5. Whether you use a real or artificial tree, set it up far away from any source of heat and be sure not to block access to any exits.
  6. If you use an artificial tree, be sure that it is labeled as fire-resistant.
  7. If you have heavy decorations, want to decorate the exterior of your home or need things from the attic, consider hiring help. Contact a friend, handyman or local youth group to see who may be available.
  8. Turn off all lights and decorations before you go to bed.

Holiday Traveling

One of the best things about Christmas is reuniting with loved ones. Many times this involves traveling. In fact, according to the United States Department of Transportation the Christmas/New Year’s holiday periods are among the busiest for long-distance travel.

Here are tips for traveling this season.

  1. Plan your route ahead of time and add in extra time for bathroom breaks and to stretch your legs.
  2. Give yourself plenty of extra time to get to your destination. You don’t want to feel stressed or rushed.
  3. Make sure to pack clothing appropriate for the weather. If you are traveling a long distance, check the weather of your destination.
  4. Pack two days’ worth of extra clothing and medication, just in case.
  5. If you can, avoid traveling during peak traffic times.

Holiday Weather

We all dream of a white Christmas, but during the holiday season, it is important to remember that weather conditions can pose a safety risk. In fact, 31 percent of all senior falls are caused by accidents or environmental conditions, which can include slipping on icy steps, sidewalks or walkways.

To help prevent falls and keep your home as safe as possible, follow these simple tips.

  1. Check the strength and safety of any handrail you may use to enter your home. If it shakes or wobbles, have it fixed.
  2. Add a rubber mat inside your entryway to wipe of shoes and avoid an indoor fall.
  3. When walking outside, where there may be frozen ice on the sidewalk, walk empty-handed for better balance.
  4. Wear snow boots with flat heels and rubber soles for safer walking on ice and snow.
  5. Use rock salt, ice melt or sand to dissolve ice on steps and the path leading to your door.

The holidays are meant for joy, laughter and celebration, for spending time with friends and family, and for making memories that last a lifetime. Follow these safety tips to ensure that those memories are good ones and your Christmas is perfect!