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3 Gifts Life Has Given You When You Are 60 and Beyond

It seems that the more candles you blow out on your cake, the happier your life can be. Research has shown that, although many things supposedly worsen with age, older people often have a better sense of overall well-being. Here are three gifts that life has given you when you reach 60 that make you happier:

1. Life Has Given You More Confidence

Confidence comes from self-acceptance and less concern for pleasing others. At 60 and beyond, you’ve learned how far you can bend without breaking and when to push and be pushed. You know when enough is enough. Through your many life experiences you’ve learned how to brush off life’s small stressors, and you tend to care less about what people think. At retirement age, you stop keeping your voice down, and, sometimes after years of being silenced, you are self-assured enough to take a few risks. It is also true that with age comes wisdom. As you journey through life, you’ve learned to use life lessons as powerful tools to make decisions confidently.

2. Life Has Given You a Sense of Accomplishment

In early adulthood there a lot of decisions to be made and what-ifs to be answered like- where should I work, who will I marry, will I have children- the list goes on and on. Then, over the next few decades you strive to achieve your goals. Now that you are in your 60s, you can relax a little knowing that these what-ifs have been resolved. You now have a healthy sense of pride that comes from all of your accomplishments.

3. Life Has Given You Freedom

You’ve planned for this change. It can feel like a weight has been lifted when you leave a long-time job or career. Now that your children are own their own, you can unburden yourself from the responsibility of raising a family- you may also feel that the financial security that comes along with this also gives a sense a freedom. Freedom shows up in other ways, too. You no longer have to set the alarm clock- you get to move through the day to your own rhythm. You are free to reengage old passions and discover new hobbies.

You will be reminded daily of the gifts of Confidence, Accomplishment and Freedom that come in this season of life. Even on the days they don’t feel as prevalent, give thanks for the days when they are. As you journey through life, be sure to recognize the many other gifts life gives you when you are 60 and beyond.

RLA Communities Bus Tour

We had a great time Wednesday traveling to our other RLA (Retirement Living Associates) active retirement living communities.
SpringShire guests’ first stop was SearStone. Guests toured the community and had lunch in the private dining room with current residents allowing them to envision a day in the life of an active retirement community. Like future residents of SpringShire, these individuals and couples also became a part of the community before construction began. SearStone residents shared their experiences about becoming part of a community before construction began and the advantages of committing to SpringShire now. We then traveled to Springmoor where we were welcomed by Executive Director Brandon Hair and walked through the community with President of RLA, David Ammons. Overall, the day was fun, informative, and appreciated by all!

Meet Leslie Parker Thompson

This Monday, we would like to introduce you to SpringShire Sales Assistant, Leslie Parker Thompson.

Leslie began with Springshire in 2016 as the Sales Assistant. “I thought this would be a great opportunity to be part of a team. And, I liked the idea of helping prospective SpringShire residents learn about the many amenities that we will offer,” noted Leslie.  She recognizes that it’s a big step when a person or couple decides to move into a retirement community and she’s dedicated to making that decision and transition as easy as possible.  If you call SpringShire to request information or RSVP to an event you’ll often hear Leslie on the other end of the line. Or she’s the first cheerful face you’ll meet when entering the sales center or attending an event. When asked about SpringShire events Leslie stated, “I thoroughly enjoy networking with organizations and working with our local marketing team to develop and coordinate various events that highlight SpringShire or help future residents get to know one another.”

Leslie was born in Germany and considers herself an “Army brat”. Her father is her Hero and he has served his country proudly. She has lived in NC most of her life and went to ECU to pursue her Master’s degree in Sociology. Go Pirates! Most of her career has been advocating for others in the areas of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Leslie served as the Executive Director for the local Family Violence Program, and procured the shelter for battered women. 

Later, she had the opportunity to serve as a Regional Director with the state, working 23 counties in the eastern part of the region while serving multiple programs for women. “I learned a lot by working with victims and survivors of domestic violence” notes Leslie, “and I found that for real change to come about, myths need to be challenged and those seeking help need to be heard without fearing judgment.”

After beginning work at SpringShire Leslie has continued helping others as a volunteer at the local Community Crossroads Center for the Homeless.

When asked about her work at SpringShire she noted, “I truly believe that SpringShire will be a place where community reigns and evolving friendships are built. I am glad to be a part of a team that is encouraging seniors to make plans for retirement living.”

Leslie lives in the country with her husband Marty and their daughter Rachel. Her hobby is collecting penguins–at last count she had 3,000.

Open House Event

We had a great time at our Open House yesterday!

Over 30 people dropped by our Open House and were thrilled to take small groups on full tours. Our tours included a visit to our gazebo which overlooks our 138 pristine acres, and allowed them to envision the SpringShire community for themselves. We were also able to show our virtual tour and share our excitement with potential future residents. After the tours, visitors mingled and enjoyed lunch, providing some great fellowship with people looking for options in active retirement living.

If you didn’t get a chance to stop by and want to see the virtual tour for yourself, please contact the SpringShire Informational Center at 252-317-2303.

Press Release: SpringShire to hold open house

A continuing care retirement community will host an open house this week to give the community a chance to glimpse what the completed community will look like.
SpringShire Retirement LLC will hold an open house on Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. During the event, which will take place at the SpringShire Informational Center, 3404 N.C. 43 North, Greenville, the staff will be meeting with visitors and showing off plans via a virtual tour.

The virtual tour will allow those who attend the opportunity to see what SpringShire will look like when construction is completed. The tour showcases the options offered for maintenance-free living, from estate homes to a variety of apartment layouts.

After viewing the virtual tour, SpringShire invites guests to stop by the gazebo overlooking the natural, 138-acre property and envision the community for themselves.
“We are thrilled with our new virtual tour, and we’re even more thrilled to show it off,” said Morgan Lamphere, vice President of marketing for the community. “We cannot wait for future residents and potential future residents to see the beautiful plans we have for SpringShire and become just as excited as we are.”

The community will consist of 150 independent-living apartments, 12 independent cottages, an 8-bed assisted living unit and a 12-bed skilled nursing unit. In addition to the homes, the community will offer a variety of services and amenities such as dining venues, fitness center & indoor pool, a movie theater, card rooms, and easy access to walkways and nature trails.

SpringShire is a not-for-profit continuing care retirement community. A CCRC offers a continuum of living and care options for older adults. The community is being developed by Retirement Living Associates, Inc., a firm that also manages a number of other senior living communities in the Southeast including Springmoor Life Care Community in Raleigh.

Read the Press Release on Reflector.com


Meet Kip Harder

This Monday, we would like to introduce you to future resident, Kip Harder.

A current resident of Raleigh, NC, Kip has been retired for three years. In her free time she enjoys adult coloring, photography and reading. Kip recently attended an event that SpringShire hosted with the ECU Alumni Association. “The behind-the-scenes tour of the conservation of artifacts from Blackbeard’s famous pirate ship, The Queen Anne’s Revenge, was fascinating. That’s something that excites me about life at SpringShire – we’ll continue to learn through new experiences.” 

Prior to moving to Raleigh, Kip was living in Cary. One thing she loves about SpringShire is that this area has the same feel as Cary did when she first moved there. “Greenville’s a more intimate community and I’m looking forward to getting back to that kind of lifestyle,” notes Kip, who goes on to say, “and SpringShire’s quiet natural setting with a pool and a lush garden area is not like any retirement community I’ve seen before.”

Kip looks forward to taking long walks in the natural areas of SpringShire where she can continue her love of photographing wildlife, plants and flowers. Another bonus Kip finds in SpringShire is, since they have not started construction, she had the opportunity to select the exact location of her apartment and can be a part of selecting the finishes.

While she is currently 100% independent, often enjoying the preparation of her own meals, Kip knows there will come a time she will need assistance. She’s familiar with other Retirement Living Associates properties and knows she’ll get great care when that time arrives. Until then, she’s looking forward to participating in as many activities and outings as she can and getting to know the other residents of SpringShire.