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“Aging in Place” at Springshire

Let us take a moment to talk about something we all like to sweep under the rug – planning for retirement. Today you’re young and healthy, but what will happen in the next 5 years? 10 years? What are your plans? Or, maybe the better question for most is, have you even thought about your retirement plans?

When thinking about the years after retirement, seniors should seek a plan that allows them to “age in place.” “Aging in place” means being able to live in the home of your choice for as long as you are able. This includes having access to any service you may require as your needs change. The SpringShire community is designed to allow residents to “age in place.”

As an active, maintenance-free community, SpringShire’s goal is for each resident to enjoy the many amenities and advantages they offer. Vibrant activities, planned outings, fitness programs, and healthy dining options are in place to encourage healthy and active lifestyles. But, should something change, our health care services are unsurpassed.

While SpringShire residents are living independently, a Health Clinic will be conveniently located in the community. Primary Care doctors and nurses will be available for appointments, minor injuries and illnesses, lab testing and more. SpringShire’s transportation team will also provide personal drivers’ services to and from appointments should a resident require a specialist or off-site care.

Further ensuring that residents can “age in place”, SpringShire will provide licensed Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Care in private accommodations. This will allow patients to remain in the community while receiving the care they need. In addition, there will be Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Physical Therapy services provided on-site.

Along with encouraging active and healthy lifestyles, SpringShire will provide the reassurance that should a resident’s health condition change they will be able to receive optimal care without being separated from their spouse, neighbors and friends. Isolation from loved ones can be harmful to seniors’ health. By ensuring that residents can remain in the community and receive care, SpringShire’s goal is that each resident will have a higher quality of life, both physically and mentally.

Planning for the future now will ensure that you have the choice of where you want to spend your years after retirement. When seniors plan for their futures early, while they are healthy and active, they are able to make their own decisions based on their likes and dislikes and families are not left with the burden of making those decisions.

“Aging in place” at SpringShire is also exciting because residents have the unique opportunity to choose their perfect home and location on the property. If you are interested in SpringShire, please contact us today for more information, to see our beautiful floor plan options including estate homes, villas and apartments and to start making your plans for the future.

Greenville Lunch & Learn

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to speak to over 60 guests during a Lunch & Learn at the Rock Springs Center in Greenville. Our team was excited to share information about SpringShire, show the virtual tour of our beautiful community, and have a great meal and conversation with people considering making a move to SpringShire. We had a wonderful time!

Meet Dr. Vivian Mott

This Monday, we are excited to introduce you to SpringShire Advisory Board Member, Dr. Vivian Mott.

Dr. Mott recently retired from East Carolina University’s College of Education, where she served as Associate Dean, department chair and faculty in the department of Interdisciplinary Professions (formerly Higher, Adult and Counselor Education).  

She and her late husband Don moved to Greenville in 1995 to join the ECU community. They had previously made their home in east Tennessee where they enjoyed family time, travel, photography, and UT-Volunteer football and women’s basketball.

Vivian was the founder and CEO of Wilson Mott & Associates, a human resource management, training and development firm. She is author of three textbooks, numerous book chapters and professional journal articles, and a frequent presenter at national and international conferences. She presents on subjects such as the development of knowledge acquisition and professional expertise, reflective practice, organizational culture, multicultural issues, and ethics in education and business.

“I’ve been very fortunate to have traveled and worked in many wonderful places, nationally and internationally – and one of my great interests when I travel to different parts of the world are family dynamics, particularly in terms of care, respect for and interactions with the elderly,” says Dr. Mott.

Aside from her academic interest in elder care and social gerontology, Dr. Mott is committed to the Advisory Board because she feels SpringShire, as a model continuing care community, will be a unique addition to Greenville and Pitt County, and will have tremendous benefits not only for residents, but ECU and the larger community as a whole.

While teaching educational gerontology at ECU, Dr. Mott frequently engaged her graduate students in study, field experiences and simple enjoyment of residents in several retirement and assisted living communities. “While I hope we brought some joy and benefit to those residents, I know we all learned more and benefited greatly from visiting with them,” she comments.

“I very much look forward to serving on the Advisory Board, getting to know more future residents of SpringShire and lending a bit of expertise and perspective to the success of the community,” she says.

Meet Dr. Lara Surles

This Monday, we are excited to introduce you to SpringShire Advisory Board member, Dr. Lara Surles.

Dr. Surles is a geriatric physician at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville. As a geriatrician, Dr. Surles recognizes the importance of seniors planning for their future. “In my opinion, one of the most important reasons for seniors to plan for their futures early is so that they can make their own decisions based on their own likes and dislikes,” she says.

Dr. Surles recommends that seniors find a community that provides “aging in place.” “Finding a community that provides all levels of care, so that a person’s needs can be met in one location, no matter what level of care they require is very important,” says Dr. Surles.

The SpringShire community will be equipped to provide for continuing medical needs as each resident ages. “SpringShire will be the type of place that encourages and supports active and interactive lifestyles, yet provides the reassurance that if a person becomes disabled or needs rehabilitation, they will not be separated from their neighbors and friends in order to receive optimal care,” notes Dr. Surles. “As a geriatric physician, I have seen how isolation in older years affects a person, both mentally and physically,” she continues. A community, like SpringShire, will allow residents to remain surrounded by friends and neighbors, which is important to mental health in seniors.

Dr. Surles says that planning early will allow individuals to look at different communities in order to discover what suits their style, and then they can purse the community that suits them best- a community that can provide for their needs as they may change.

“I joined the SpringShire Advisory Board because I see this as an exciting opportunity to share in its growth and to share in a plan that maximizes options for our seniors,” comments Dr. Surles. She is excited that SpringShire has become an attractive option for older persons in eastern North Carolina.

New Bern Event

Last Thursday, September 21st, guests were invited to a Lunch & Learn at the waterfront Persimmons restaurant in New Bern. At the event, prospective residents were introduced to Founder, David Ammons and the SpringShire team who presented our virtual tour showcasing the many beautiful living options and impressive amenities SpringShire will offer. We had a wonderful time mingling with new friends, enjoying lunch and talking about our exciting plans for SpringShire!

Meet David Ammons

This Monday we would like you to meet founder and president of Retirement Living Associates Inc. (RLA), David Ammons.

David has more than 30 years of experience in managing and developing communities, like SpringShire. David served as the executive director of Springmoor Life Care Retirement Community from 1991-1996 and continues as CEO overseeing all operations. In addition to working on the development of SpringShire, David and his family have also led in the development and management of several senior living communities throughout the southeast.

One of the primary locations of interest for development for David was eastern North Carolina. With Springmoor’s success, developers, architects, lenders and other community professionals began contacting David for advice and consulting on all aspects of Continuing Care Retirement Communities, now known as Life Plan Communities.  Eventually, Dr. Deyton and Dr. Clement of Greenville contacted David to see if RLA would consider building a community in Greenville.  After seeing each of their mothers receive excellent care at Springmoor and getting to know David while he served as executive director, they recognized the opportunities a RLA community would bring to residents of eastern North Carolina.

David has led the development of SpringShire since it was founded in the mid-2000s. In the economic downturn of 2008, David and other RLA associates had the foresight to protect both the land and prospective residents’ deposits. “When other communities simply went under, we waited for the most prudent and opportune time to proceed. That time is now,” notes David. “The market is better now, and with more and more people moving to Greenville to retire we’re excited that our plans are underway.”

In the early stages of SpringShire development, David recognized how important the location would be for future residents. The site for the community was chosen after three focus groups with Greenville residents. “The reason we chose this site for SpringShire was primarily because this location has a blend of natural beauty and untouched flora and fauna, but it is still a convenient drive to amenities such as the Vidant Medical Community, Ironwood Country Club and Uptown Greenville,” explains David. “I also like the fact that the community will not sit along the highway. I feel seniors will favor the privacy afforded by being off the highway when deciding between living options,” he continued.

David is excited about bringing options for active retirement living to the Greenville area. “I am proud to continue my family’s history of building retirement communities that match the interest of the community,” says David. “We feel Greenville is ready for new options and designs to serve younger residents.”