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Meet Leslie Parker Thompson

This Monday, we would like to introduce you to SpringShire Sales Assistant, Leslie Parker Thompson.

Leslie began with Springshire in 2016 as the Sales Assistant. “I thought this would be a great opportunity to be part of a team. And, I liked the idea of helping prospective SpringShire residents learn about the many amenities that we will offer,” noted Leslie.  She recognizes that it’s a big step when a person or couple decides to move into a retirement community and she’s dedicated to making that decision and transition as easy as possible.  If you call SpringShire to request information or RSVP to an event you’ll often hear Leslie on the other end of the line. Or she’s the first cheerful face you’ll meet when entering the sales center or attending an event. When asked about SpringShire events Leslie stated, “I thoroughly enjoy networking with organizations and working with our local marketing team to develop and coordinate various events that highlight SpringShire or help future residents get to know one another.”

Leslie was born in Germany and considers herself an “Army brat”. Her father is her Hero and he has served his country proudly. She has lived in NC most of her life and went to ECU to pursue her Master’s degree in Sociology. Go Pirates! Most of her career has been advocating for others in the areas of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Leslie served as the Executive Director for the local Family Violence Program, and procured the shelter for battered women. 

Later, she had the opportunity to serve as a Regional Director with the state, working 23 counties in the eastern part of the region while serving multiple programs for women. “I learned a lot by working with victims and survivors of domestic violence” notes Leslie, “and I found that for real change to come about, myths need to be challenged and those seeking help need to be heard without fearing judgment.”

After beginning work at SpringShire Leslie has continued helping others as a volunteer at the local Community Crossroads Center for the Homeless.

When asked about her work at SpringShire she noted, “I truly believe that SpringShire will be a place where community reigns and evolving friendships are built. I am glad to be a part of a team that is encouraging seniors to make plans for retirement living.”

Leslie lives in the country with her husband Marty and their daughter Rachel. Her hobby is collecting penguins–at last count she had 3,000.