5 Things Seniors Can Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Traditions- a word we often hear around this time of year. Many of our Thanksgiving celebrations are filled with these traditions, passed down from generations before or just beginning to take shape. Turkey fried or baked? Tag football in the front yard or college football games on TV? Everyone’s holiday traditions are little different, and the same is true for everyone’s retirement dreams. Do you envision spending your retirement traveling the world or spending time with family? Will it be a time to play golf or a time to volunteer? Regardless of your holiday traditions or retirement dreams, here are 5 things all retirees can be thankful for this Thanksgiving: 

1. Family and Friends

Throughout your life, friends and family have been there to support and motivate you along the way. Be thankful for the moments you have spent with them and for the opportunities to continue to deepen those relationships. Now that you are retired you may find that you have much more time to spend with friends and family – be thankful for that too!

2.  Life Experiences

Each year of life represents another year of experiences. When you think about your life up to this point, the two things that probably matter the most are the experiences you’ve had and the people you shared them with. You may recall remarkable places you’ve visited, great accomplishments or life-changing moments. Be thankful for all life experiences, good and bad, because without them you wouldn’t be where you are today. As you journey through your post-retirement years, continue to keep your life full of new experiences.

3. Wisdom

Along with life experiences comes wisdom. Be thankful for the times you failed that helped you grow. Be thankful for those mistakes that taught you important life lessons. These experiences have made you wise and now make it possible for you to give some of the best advice. Share you wisdom with loved ones this holiday season – Thanksgiving dinner is the perfect time! Now these lessons will be engrained in minds for generations to come. See, wasn’t it all worth it?

4. Technology

It may sound strange, but one thing all seniors can be thankful for is technology. Just think back to years ago, when you were growing up. Think of all the things that are now easier, faster or even possible because of technology. It may be hard to learn some of today’s newest technologies, but luckily a lot of the technology we benefit from, we don’t even have to know how it works – like medical advancements. Thanks to medical advancements people are living longer, healthier lives – and that’s something we all can be thankful for!

5. Hobbies

During retirement you may have noticed just how thankful you are for hobbies – new and old. Hobbies are a way to relax while doing something you enjoy. They are a fantastic way to network, build lifelong friendships and bring joy to life. Be thankful for the hobbies that help clear your mind, provide a moment of mental relief and inspire you to achieve more.

What else are you thankful for? The list could go on and on. This holiday season don’t forget to recognize these things and show gratitude. Studies have even shown that practicing gratitude can improve emotional and physical well-being – which is another thing to be thankful for!

Here at SpringShire we are thankful for friends, new and old. As our plans for the community move forward and homes are reserved, we are reminded of how important our future residents are – and we thank them for going on this journey with us!