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Activities at SpringShire

This is a perfect time, and SpringShire will be the ideal place for revisiting a once-treasured hobby, getting involved in a club or exploring a new favorite pastime. As a charter resident of the community you’ll be instrumental in establishing clubs and other activities, with the guidance of our professional staff.

In addition to activities available on the SpringShire campus, you’ll enjoy scheduled excursions in Greenville to savor the fine dining, museums, shopping, performing arts, lifelong learning opportunities and more. We will also have a relationship with Ironwood Golf & Country Club.

An ever-growing group of activities will be included in your monthly service package:

  • Socials and get-togethers
  • Musical performances
  • Movie nights
  • Interactive computer games
  • Interfaith worship services
  • Clubs for books, bridge, wine tasting, travel and more
  • Games such as golf, croquet, table tennis and more
  • Continuing education seminars
  • Guest lecturers
  • Art classes
  • Fitness walking and exercise classes
  • Much more