SpringShire Retirement Community is a non-profit organization established to provide life care for residents who are usually 62+ years of age. The organization subscribes to the following purposes:

  • To promote the social, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical well-being of each resident

  • To provide quality housing, amenities, medical and health care, physical security, activity and enrichment programs, food service and support services

  • To provide facilities, staff, policies and procedures that are sensitive and responsive to the day-to- day and changing health and personal needs of each resident

  • To provide an honest, forthright environment of positive thinking which promotes for each residentís dignity, peace of mind, confidence and the pursuit of an active lifestyle

  • To operate and manage the facility so it is cost-effective and efficient, yet sensitive and personal in relating to resident needs

  • To strive to meet its mission with such commitment to excellence that SpringShire Retirement Community continues to be one of the premier retirement communities in this region of the nation