SpringShire's Newest Mareketing Team Member | November 2007
Springshire has been pleased to welcome Amy Church to it's staff.  Amy has been a Registered Nurse for the past 5 years and looks forward to meeting future residents and anyone who is planning ahead and researching retirement living options and opportunities.  You may contact Amy at either her email: or by calling (252) 317-2303.


SpringShire Finalizes New Site | October 2007

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Springshire Continuing Care Retirement Community contacted it's priority members to announce the new community site, located not far from the original site on Highway 43.  The development team was pleased to keep in close proximity to Ironwood Country Club so that golf was still available to it's future residents.  "In some ways, the new site is even more beautiful than our first site, and we feel it is going to be an even greater opportunity for our residents to enjoy an even larger natural areas, longer walking trails, and an overall enhancement to the community."


SpringShire Initial Master Plan Unveiled |
October 20th, 2004

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Springshire Continuing Care Retirement Community revealed it's initial master plan on the proposed site area.  The plan features individual homes, villas, which are similar to townhomes, gardens, walking trails, nature and park area.  The plan also includes a community and amenity center with an attached skilled care center, putting green, courtyard and lawns and lake. 

SpringShire Marketing Director Annouced |
August 16th, 2004

Springshire Continuing Care Retirement Community welcomes Ron Carnighan as our new Director of Marketing. Ron brings rich life experiences and extensive professional experiences to SpringShire. With over 25 years of sales and marketing experience, and a special calling to work with seniors adults, Ron will be a valuable asset to the SpringShire community. Ron is the primary contact for individuals and family members who may need information or assistance in developing their own personal retirement living life plan. Ron is happily married to his wife Betsy, a school teacher at The Oakwood School in Greenville, and has 2 daughters attending East Carolina University.

Ron will be happy to answer questions or provide you with any information that you might need. Please contact him at:

Direct: (252) 317-2303 or


SpringShire Board Members Annouced |
February 2nd, 2004

Mr. David J. Coster

Mr. Coster resides in Raleigh and has experience in North Carolina state government, financial planning, estate planning, and other general business practices. Mr. Coster has through his personal and professional
life made strong ties to people across the state.

Dr. J. Edwin Clement
Dr. Clement is a retired physician in Greenville. Dr. Clement through his medical practice, active participation in civic and church activities throughout his adult life developed a thorough understanding of the needs and desires of the elderly. His commitment to the area is unsurpassed.

Mr. Ernest R. Carraway
Resides in Raleigh. Mr. Carraway has is a Certified Public Accountant as well as an attorney. Mr. Carraway is a Greenville native and maintains strong ties to the local community in Greenville through his personal and professional life. His parents remain Greenville residents.