Independent Living When You Want It – Care When You Need It

SpringShire, a not-for-profit community, will offer residents maintenance-free estate homes, villas and apartment homes. Our maintenance-free living will give you the opportunity to do the things you want to do, with the assurance that as your healthcare needs chance you’re guaranteed access to quality care. Currently taking fully refundable 10% reservations, SpringShire has completed all phases of planning including land purchase, site planning, design and state approvals. Having completed this lengthy process, SpringShire is the regions only emerging continuing care community.

A mission to exceed expectations

As a resident of SpringShire you’ll participate in creating a new kind of retirement lifestyle that captures all you love about Greenville. You’ll delight in the sweeping natural beauty and the closeness of wildlife corridors.

You’ll love the front-porch-friendly ambience of The Commons, our manor-style home to vast arrays of lifestyle and wellness amenities. And you’ll appreciate the freedom and adventure that maintenance-free living brings to your life.

At the end of each day, you’ll find yourself relaxing among friendly folks, knowing that—should you ever need it—healthcare will always be taken care of right in the community you call home.

Leaders Who Get Your Eastern North Carolina Roots

The respected Ammons family—founders and managers of Springmoor located in Raleigh, North Carolina—is also the creator of SpringShire. The Ammons name has been well known for decades in eastern North Carolina for creating master planned communities, senior living and commercial properties of the highest quality. A tour of Springmoor will give you a good idea of the lifestyle, amenities and services you’ll soon find at SpringShire.

Business leaders and benefactors

The founders of SpringShire protected the land they purchased and safeguarded the deposits of their prospective residents during the financial downturn of 2008. While other communities simply went under, the founders of SpringShire waited for the most prudent time to proceed.

A local board of directors comprising well-respected and knowledgeable Eastern North Carolinians will oversee the creation of this not-for-profit senior living community.